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Fitout construction can be complex

We simplify your fitout, achieving tight timeframes and budgets.

What We Do

The Spacez team brings you depth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of fitout construction, from interior details to complex structural works.

3 essentials for your fitout project success :

Smart planning

Smart planning means a smaller budget

We know that with intelligent planning and a proactive team, we can minimise project timeframes and reduce your budget. We take care to plan every aspect, from addressing potential issues before they arise to pre-ordering supplies to reduce wait times.

Spacez Director Dallas Kruger created Spacez because he wanted to combine his experience in building and construction with project management. As he explains, “what I enjoy is to find efficiency on projects through planning and people management.”


We concentrate on each valued client

Unlike others, we don’t overpromise on delivery and take on overlapping projects. When we work with a new client, we’re fully committed to the project. This means we take on less projects, allowing us to concentrate on every detail and complete them to the highest quality.


We value respect for people and projects

We know from experience that respect is vital for any successful fitout project.

  • We respect your site and always leave it clean and tidy.
  • We respect our clients and team, making sure we’re transparent and communicative.
  • We respect your budget and your timeline, no matter how big or small.
  • We respect our staff, giving them support to do a great job.

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